Landscaping Tips and Designs for Harsh Summers

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Australian summers are hard on everyone, including plants. As the season progresses, lawns brown, flower gardens shrivel and homeowners grow frustrated at their inability to keep their yards looking descent. We can’t decrease the harshness of Australian summers, but we can give you practical tips and a few landscaping designs that will help keep your lawn and flower beds looking good through the season. In order to successfully maintain your yard through the heat and dryness of summer, you need to pay attention to three things: 1. The type of plants that you have and how you plant them, 2….

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9 Steps to Make a Small Backyard Useful and Attractive

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Small backyards are a challenge, but not impossible to landscape. In fact with the following 9 steps, you can make the limited space in your backyard useful and attractive. Step 1: Consider your needs Every family has their own lifestyle and unique needs. Some families need an outdoor area to relax and enjoy the breeze or to entertain guests at a barbecue. Other families require space for their pets or a place for children to play. What are your specific needs? Step 2:  Divide your backyard into zones that meet your needs Next consider the shape, size and layout of…

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