Transform Your Small Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

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Small backyards are often undervalued. They seem too small to use for anything important and gradually become a rundown place to exercise dogs or store surplus stuff. We have encountered many backyards like this in our years of landscaping. If your backyard is in bad shape, we want to tell you that it can be transformed into an outdoor oasis – a place to entertain, relax and LIVE. Here are some ways that you can modify your small backyard into a useful, attractive and inviting extension of your home. Enclose it for privacy For generations, backyards were left open to…

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Lighting Your Landscape

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Lighting Can Add Life and Intrigue to Your Landscape Lighting can transform a common landscape into something exceptional. Spotlights, well lights and post lights can all bring an outdoor area to life after sunset, increase its usefulness and add a touch of intrigue. Best of all, landscape lighting is simple. We are going to prove that to you by: Explaining the logic behind outdoor lighting Introducing you to different types of light fixtures Giving you 5 simple, yet attractive lighting effects Helping you choose what to light Sharing 3 tips for successfully maintaining landscape lights The logic behind landscape lighting…

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