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Ground Covers

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Ground covers are a great way of adding colour to your garden. They can be used in between trees, plants, pavers or as a feature in their own right. Ground cover by definition means the plants grow outwards rather than upwards and can often cover large areas. Some of the benefits of these plants are that they can help protect the soil from erosion, supress weed growth and are low maintenance, making them ideal for a low-maintenance garden. The range is diverse, from evergreen to annual, just make sure you assess the spot you have in mind and choose appropriately....
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Soil Misconceptions

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Our industry association, Landscaping Victoria, held a conference on 'Soil in the Landscape' to help improve our knowledge of how to deal with soil in different situations. For several reasons there has been a misconception built over time where we have been advised to dig out the existing soil without consideration and import new organic soil, when in many cases we are better off using and treating the existing site soil. Senior Soil Scientist at SESL Australia has some tips on the process to undertake in assessing existing site soil and how to treat it correctly. o   Test soil PH...
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Grow your own herbs

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Do you love the taste of fresh herbs but are sick of spending money on herbs you only use once then throw away? Why not have a go at planting your own herb garden? It is great to be able to grow your own fresh herbs and pick them directly from the garden as you need them. The hardest part is deciding which herbs you want. With many to choose from, try and work out which ones you would use most often. Common cooking herbs are; Parsley used in Italian cooking including pasta, salads and sauces Coriander for Mexican and Asian...
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Indoor plants

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Indoor plants are extremely popular right now and no matter what the size your home is, there is always a space or a nook waiting for some greenery. Once you have installed some plants in your home you will be amazed to see what a difference it can make to a room. Benefits to indoor plants are; Adding greenery inside can instantly lift a room. By simply adding a potted plant you can easily add another style element to a room which isn’t too pricey and instantly adds personality to a home. Indoor plants purify the air and filter out...
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